Anna Estenson
Manager/ Bar Tender

Estenson’s heritage is Norwegian, and from the states is originally from North Minnesota. Though Esenson went to school for cosmetology she has been involved in the restaurant industry for 10 years now, ranging from working in Morgantown, Rapid City and South Dakota. She has conquered almost all the Black Hill Peaks, and particularly enjoys hiking. She loves food and music; her favorite dish would be a gorged goose liver, foie-gras and French food. Estenson enjoys experimenting with food and drinks, the more locally sourced ingredients she can find, the better

Kaelin Thrasher

Thrasher is originally from Bridgeport, WV. This fall he will be studying at James Madison University studying finance. In his spare time he enjoys running and rock climbing. He has also been playing the guitar for two years now. His favorite type of food is Italian food especially with angel hair pasta. He also enjoys garlic bread and the tacos at Cody’s. Some of Thrashers goals are to own a West Falia VW van, and travel to the west coast.

.Tori Coleman

Coleman is originally from Bridgeport, WV. She is currently a senior in high school and is looking forward to starting Physical Training school at Weslyn hopefully one day. Coleman enjoys painting and drawing. When it comes to her favorite food she said it would definitely have to be macaroni and cheese.  A fun fact about Coleman is that she is left handed and is working hard to save up for college!

Tanner Floyd
Bar Tender

Floyd studied public and environmental policy at Vanderbilt University. He graduated from Liberty high school and was born and raised in Clarksburg, WV. He was previously a bartender at the 5th floor in Clarksburg as well. He especially enjoys working at Cody’s because Chef Cody allows all employees to have creative freedom; Chef makes sure that all bartenders have fresh ingredients to work with. Floyd also enjoys that the team all goes to the Bridgeport Farmers Market every Sunday to look for new, fun and local ingredients to serve up the following week!